Naval Battle

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Naval Battle is an HTML5 arcade game in which your mission is to destroy a fleet of enemy cargo ships before they cross the sea and deliver ammunition and provisions to the enemy troops.

This game is mobile friendly so you can play it either on your desktop or mobile browser.


You are the commander of the VIC Victory, a fast light assault tank used by the Mobile Coastal Defense Artillery Squad in defending country against sea attacks.

Your tank is armed with a limitless supply of anti-ship shells, but during the battle only one shell can be in your view at a time! That means you cannot fire another shell until the previous one is still flying over the sea.

You have only 70 seconds to sink all ships and win the battle. Besides that, each ship is changing its speed while moving on the sea. To make an accurate shot you need to aim very carefully predicting the next position of your target.

The enemy ships are not armed, but they are quite well protected by the gun fire from a fortified military bunker placed on the opposite side of the sea bay.

The bunker is equipped with a heavy machine gun artillery unit which cannot be destroyed by your tank. To stay alive you must avoid the gun fire from the bunker all time.

The game ends if you fail to complete the mission within the 70-second time limit or if your tank is destroyed by enemy gun fire.


You get 100 points for hitting a ship in its left or right side, and 200-400 points for hitting a ship in its center.

If you sink all ships, you will go to the next level starting a new naval battle against even more aggressive fleet of enemy warships and faster gun fire from the enemy bunker.

Tank controls

Use the left and right keys to move.
Use the up or space key to fire.

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