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Snake Runner: Crazy Fruit Rush is a fast paced HTML5 endless runner game based on the classic game Snake where you have to survive a crazy food rush as long as possible.

This game is mobile friendly so you can play it either on your desktop or mobile browser.


A greedy and hungry snake is captured in an endless dungeon. It constantly moves forward always looking for the first next food. Your goal is to survive a crazy food rush as long as possible by eating any fruit which appears in front of you and avoiding all deadly obstacles placed around the dungeon such as walls, barriers, electric fields and so on.

Eating a fruit is mandatory, not only to satisfy the snake's infinite need for food and get 10 bonus points, but also to deactivate an electric field which is currently the closest to the snake. On the other hand, each eaten fruit causes the snake to grow in length decreasing its maneuvering space.

Besides the fruits, there are a lot of worms dispersed inside the dungeon which could be also eaten by the snake. A worm is a very bad taste, but eating it will cause the snake to reduce its body length by pushing the content of its stomach out the back. Besides that, you will also earn 10 bonus points for each eaten worm. Unlike fruit, eating a worm is not mandatory to continue your crazy food rush through the dungeon!

The player controls the snake by changing its direction. The snake can only go forward, but never go backwards! Its head will be always directed to the first next food which is currently in its view.

During the race for food through the dungeon maze you get 1 point for each traveled distance of 1 meter in vertical direction and 10 bonus points for each eaten piece of food (either fruit or worm).

The game is over if the snake runs into the screen border, wall, barrier or any another obstacle placed around the dungeon maze. The player also loses the game when the snake burns out after touching any active electric field which is currently producing energy for the dungeon.

Snake control

All actions are accomplished with a single tap control sheme.
To change direction of the snake just tap with your finger!

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