Beware: Monsters float but you don't!
- Jack Attack (C64 game)

What is AskForGameTask?

Well, it is my personal website which presents a collection of my games programmed in Flash, HTML5 and Java. You can play all of them for free on your desktop browser. HTML5 games can be also played on any mobile device. Java games are specially made just for Android devices. All these games are created in my spare time so AskForGameTask website is also my personal hobby project. Welcome to it!

How did it all start?

My first contact with a video game was in early 80's when I was a kid and my dad has shown me his new game called Russian Roulette programmed in Basic for VIC-20. In that time I also played some of the most beautiful games ever made on my old VIC-20 and C64 computers. Playing all these timeless classics I got a great wish to program something like that some day. At the end it is resulted with my own games as a product of my love for programming and addiction to retro games.