Pong Ball Catapult

Mix of Beer Pong and 100 Balls but with a big twist.

A simple one-button shooting game with a realistic physics addition. The main goal is to fire ping pong balls from a catapult attempting to shoot as many balls as possible into moving cups on the other side.

The game begins with 40 balls placed in a big glass pot waiting there to be launched from a catapult. One of the balls is always automatically transferred from the pot to the catapult which is placed under the pot.

On the other side of the playing area, there are three cups arranged in a horizontal line moving from the bottom to the top of the screen. These cups are your targets! Shoot and put as many balls as possible into them!

All filled cups return balls to the big glass pot. Any empty cup will be broken! Then a new round starts bringing a new combination of three cups. Every next round also speeds up the cups so you need to play faster and faster.

The game is over when all balls are lost or 5 cups are broken.

To play the game, just tap on the screen with your finger. Hold down and move it over the screen until you get a desired ball path. When you are ready to shoot the ball, just release your finger.