Sprint Revenge: Knockout Smash

Fun sport game with a feeling of real running
(either on treadmill or outside)

An endless runner sport game for Android devices where your goal is to finish a running race by avoiding all hurdles.

You are Baxter The Flying Sneakers, the best marathon runner who won every marathon race he entered. On your opposite side there is Greg The Turbo Leg, the fastest sprint runner on Earth.

Now the question is who is better? To find the answer take your running clothes, tie your marathon sneakers and run this endless race!

About the race: there is an infinite number of hurdles placed around a running track. They are moving very fast towards you and they are too high to jump over them. Instead, you need to avoid hurdles by running through a small free passage placed between them!

Game control is very easy - just swipe your finger left or right to move your runner.

If you touch hurdles with any part of your body including your famous flying sneakers then your face will be smashed by a powerful knockout punch! You will be unable to continue the race and the game is over in that case.