Sultan Solitaire Classic Match

Great time killer which also requires a brain work in the same time.
- Spider vs. Scorpion, game review website

A solitaire/card/puzzle game for Android devices in which you must surround the Sultan (king of hearts) with all his queens.

Tired of traditional Solitaire card games such as Klondike and Freecell? All secrets of pyramids already discovered by playing Pyramid Solitaire again and again? The last golf match on the Golf Solitaire course played a long time ago? All spiders from Spider Solitaire smashed many times by your finger? All peaks of three towers already reached during hours of playing Tri-Peaks Solitaire?

You already know how to open the door of the den of forty thieves? Yes of course you know, this puzzle has solved since you were a child by winning Forty Thieves Solitaire million times. No more patience for scorpions in Scorpion Solitaire? No more interest in playing Klondike Solitaire after all gold has been taken from the Klondike region of the Yukon during Klondike gold rush more than a hundred years ago?

Now it is time for a new card game experience! Start to play Sultan Solitaire card game! Use your card skills and try to surround the Sultan with all his queens. Become a Sultan Solitaire master!