What Is The Most Terrible Cover


What Is The Most Terrible Cover is an HTML5 one-button puzzle/skill game where your goal is to go through 10 rounds guessing which of two book covers is more terrible.

This game is mobile friendly so you can play it either on your desktop or mobile browser.


In each round you get a pair of book covers with their hidden votes (karma) from the Reddit's web page www.reddit.com/r/TerribleBookCovers

To play the game try to guess which cover is more terrible by tapping on it!

For each correct choice you are scoring a number of points proportionally to the remaining time for playing that round.

Be aware that each wrong choice will be scored with negative penalty points!

Source Code

The game is made in HTML5 using Phaser framework. If you are interested how it is done you can read these tutorials and find free source code here:

Part 1: How to create an HTML5 Reddit's Image Scraper using Phaser

Part 2: How to create an HTML5 game in Phaser using image data scraped from Reddit JSON

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